Monday, July 7, 2014

Natalie - Month Five.

(yeah, this one is a little late...)

Little bits,

You've hit 5 months! I really love this stage - it's wonderful. You've learned to roll over (just tummy to back), and still look a little frightened each time. It's not a regular thing though. You're also learning to sit up! I can't wait for that.

You were baptized this month. We had it at St. Elizabeth's, where we're parishoners (albeit bad ones). Kevin and Katie are your godparents, and we had all of the family out to celebrate. It was a great time! 

You've been to 6 weddings this year, and you've been great at all of them. Our nights out have become shorter, due to your bedtime being around 7:30 pm, but that's fine with us. You sit quietly each time through the ceremony, and dance away with us throughout the night!

Your first plane ride happened this month, and you couldn't have been more perfect. You rode in the Tula, and fell asleep during take off and landing - both flights! I couldn't believe it. I had toys and a bottle ready to go, but none of it was necessary. You continue to amaze me with your easy going nature baby girl.

Your favorite toy right now is the saucer. Grandma Byrne got it for you, and you love it. You also really dig the bumbo that Grandma Sue got - you can sit and watch while I cook dinner or prep bottles for you.

You've discovered so much this month. You've started blowing bubbles regularly and making other noises with your mouth. You can give high fives too! You've been playing with your hands and discovering those as well. And if we lay you down? Your feet are in the air (or your mouth)!

Over the next month we're going to one more wedding, the 4th of July, and starting you on solid foods! It'll be a big month for sure!

Love you lots baby girl,


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