Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Natalie's Baptism

Over Memorial Day weekend, Natalie was baptized. 

The Catholic Church does the whole baptism thing a bit differently - some religions say that baptism is all about accepting Christ into your life and recognizing that you're a Christian. For us, though, that's Confirmation (and it's done around 8th grade - or later). For us, baptism is more for the parents. Yes, it's the "washing away" of original sin, but it's so the parents and godparents can raise their child in the Catholic church and as a follower of Christ. 

Sean and I are pretty lax Catholics, but we still believe in God and all that jazz. And honestly? It's way easier if Natalie gets baptized now. What's the worst that happens? She grows up an atheist or agnostic? Pretty sure a sprinkling of water and oil isn't going to scar her for life (and she didn't burst into flames...)


My brother is Natalie's godfather, and Sean's sister is her godmother. Both were pretty excited, and it was AWESOME to get the whole family out here to KC. 

Here are some photos from the day!



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