Saturday, July 12, 2014

Natalie - Month Six.


You are growing up too fast! I realize I'll be saying this for the rest of my life, but geez. This month was just as busy as all the previous - it's a good thing you're so easy going. Six months is a pretty big number - you're 1/2 a year old. It's amazing that you've been here this long, and yet, not long at all. 

You've started sitting up, and can even stand for a few seconds without help now. Necklaces and glasses and hair have been discovered. Pulling and tinkering with them? It's your favorite. I have a necklace with 4 charms, and you separate them out and inspect each one of them. Daddy loses his glasses to your sneaky little hands at least once a day - you always come in for kisses, and leave with glasses. You can roll both ways now, but generally don't. You just don't seem to care. You also love paper and plastic bags. You shake them around and make all sorts of noise with them! 

We've started with solids too! You've had avocado, asparagus, and strawberries in real food, and carrots and pears/cherries in purée form. Breast milk is still your main form of nutrition, and yes, mama is still pumping on. 

You had your first trip to the zoo (the waterfalls were your favorite), and we went to Aunt Katie's wedding this month. You were very excited to welcome uncle Nick into the family! At the Fourth of July, you giggled right through even the biggest booms. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it! 

That's it for the half year mark kiddo - I still can't believe we're here. It's amazing having you in our life. Simply amazing. 


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