Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let's title this post...things I want to have

There are a lot of things I want for the wedding. Whether or not I'll be able to afford them, I'm not so sure. Most of the things here are little ones that I can most likely afford, but don't need to buy yet. But here's some super cute things that I want, half of them for a purpose, but some of them just because they're so darn cute.
 This ribbon is a mere $3.50, for 25 yards. I plan on using this for our invites. I would probably only need 2 rolls (and still have left overs!). I'm sure I could find an online coupon too.

I saw this picture on a blog I follow, and immediately fell in love. This table runner is only $2.99. I would paint it myself...think it's worth it? I think it would add an awesome touch to our head table, even though Sean and I aren't too big into the monogram mania that's going on these days (maybe it has to do with the fact that our monogram is ABS?)
Who doesn't love bubbles at a wedding? These can be found pretty much anywhere, and they're pretty inexpensive. I could tie some ribbon (ahem, Michael's - 50 cents!) to the tops to give them some flair. That way, I could get awesome pictures, like this one:
(though maybe without so much bromance?)
And now, the last thing I'm in love with right now. These have no purpose - yet. I'm sure I could a million places to use them if I really wanted to though. These cute little flowers kinda make me swoon.
How could anyone not love them (especially at 12 cents a pop)? I could put them on favors, on the tables, maybe even on the programs. Any suggestions? Or is this a personal obsession that no one else thinks is even remotely cool?


Amberdawn said...

Wedding bubbles are cheaper at Micheals than online, I've found. Especially if you go with a coupon! I actually got mine SO cheap, because the box was a little dented and it was on clearance, woo!

Amanda said...

Nice!! Yea I totally plan on getting them in store - plus, no shipping fees!

Allie S said...

the flowers are pretty adorable. you could put the flowers.... on.... the... BUBBLES! (That might start to get a tad pricey though)

you could also put them in hair, lol. for homecoming sophomore year my mom put a bunch of little flowery things in mah hair. It actually looked a lot cooler than it sounds.