Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 months.

Seven. Holy eeeeefffff how did that get here so quick? I'm getting married in seven short months. That take my ol' sweet time for DIY projects? Um yeah. Nope. Didn't happen. I have a few things (like bridesmaids jewelry) that's mostly done, but it's not finished. In fact, the only thing I have finished is buying a dress and sending save-the-dates. I don't even have all my vendors booked yet (I need to do some serious budgeting and looking into DJs and transportation).

I'm declaring this crunch time. I understand that some of you think that that's ridiculous. But let's be realistic. Essentially, this stuff needs to be done by Thanksgiving. Who wants to do this kinda thing when Christmas is about? We'll have things like last minute meetings with vendors, payments, and getting our marriage license (eeeeek!!!). So really, I have 5 months. And invitations will need to be out by October. So that puts those back to 4 months. FOUR MONTHS. I shouldn't be stressed yet. I don't think. But between moving, finding a job (which is sucking hardcore), and wedding planning, life is just...wearing on me.

Let's go over DIY to-dos that this slacker bride needs to do (some with inspiration pics!)
Invites (check out this inspiration)
'Maids jewelry
'Maids gifts (there's at least 2 DIY projects in here)
Groomsmen gifts
Head table runner
Pew decorations of some sort (bows? wreaths? cones?)
Bathroom baskets (cause they're sooooo cute!)
Faux votives (our hall doesn't allow real candles)
and the list goes on...yikes. That's it. Buckling down. It is TIME.

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