Sunday, March 28, 2010

Staying Warm

I'm getting married in January.

St. Louis has wonky, unpredictable weather. There have been years where the weather reaches 50 degrees in the beginning of January, but there are also years where it is closer to 0 degrees. Most likely, it's going to be cold, blustery, and gray.

Consequently, I need something to protect me from the elements. Early on, as soon as I mentioned the word "January," all I heard was "capes," "muffs," and most of all, "fur." There's only one problem with that: I hate fur. I hate the feel of it, the texture, everything. It reminds me of Cruella DeVille. Every time I went to David's Bridal, people tried to put fur things on me, and each time, I became more convinced that I don't want fur. At all. Anywhere. No thanks.
 And then, I saw this post on WeddingBee. WeddingBee is like, my bride-self's guilty pleasure. I dream of blogging for WeddingBee (I can't even apply until I'm 8 months out. *Sadface*). This post makes me swoon. I don't need no stinkin' cliche cape. I need a wedding peacoat.
Peacoats. I love them. So with the start of spring, I was all about looking for a discounted, white peacoat. And one gorgeous day a couple of weeks ago, Sean and I went randomly walking around the newest strip mall in Lake St. Louis. The goal for the day was to go to a jewelry shop to look for Sean's ring. After getting ideas (but obviously no winners), I dragged him into Old Navy, just to look around. And lo and behold - I fell in love with a peacoat.
I plan on switching the buttons with something fancier, to give it that glam feel. Something with pearls and crystals, like this:
 Unfortunately, this beauty is a size too big, which kind of  makes me look like I'm drowning. It might look better with the large, poofiness of the dress though. In any case, it was the only one there, and I scooped it up for $40 dollars. FORTY. You can't be that. If it ends up being too large, I might get it taken in, but we shall see. I'm just so excited about my first wedding discount score.


Caryn said...

We got married in January, too, and it was COLD. Well, it was like 50ish degrees, but REALLY windy. Hope your day turns out better for you! I can't WAIT to see pictures. :)

Genevieve said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see pics of it after you glam it up! I think it is good that you got it in a bigger size b/c you might need the extra space for your dress. Will you wear a scarf with it? I leave the top button undone and wear a scarf with my pea-coat to add some color or texture depending on my mood.