Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

After much debating and going back and forth (here and here), we finally decided on Sean's ring this weekend. I think he was just plain tired of looking and not finding anything else that he really liked, so we kind of took it as a sign that the one he liked best at that point was, in fact, his ring. The best part? Guess who called it?!

In any case, Sean ended up choosing the Zales ring, and this weekend we ending up purchasing it. Sean luckily has the most common ring size, so we ended up walking out with the ring on Sunday. It was quite literally a 15 minute process, from start to finish (well, never mind that we had already found the ring a few weeks before). It cost less than $400, including the lifetime warranty that we purchased on top of the ring.

While many people today are going to Tungsten and Titanium rings, Sean was very adamant that he did not want one of those. He preferred the lighter colors of white gold. Besides, Sean won't be going into a labor-intensive work field, so it wasn't really necessary. He loves the engraving and the old-time feel of this ring, which wouldn't have been possible with anything other than gold - everything else would simply be laser-engraved.

I was really surprised how hard it was to find a ring that suited him, but in the end, I think we found the perfect one. Plus, it was so much fun to ring shop!

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