Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keeping Secrets is Annoying

Keeping secrets seriously bothers me. Not other people's secrets - my own.

Take for example, wedding stuff. Specifically, bridesmaids' gifts. I'm BRIMMING with excitement about their gifts and how I'm FINALLY figuring them out - but I can't tell you about them, because I know they read this. I'm in the process of making the necklaces, and it's so much fun! The parts I have done look fantastic (even though I can't afford real pearls), and even if they only wear them one day, I know they'll look great. I'm totally proud of myself for taking on this project and how far I've gotten, despite never working with anything jewelry-related before - unless you count friendship bracelets made of string.

I'm just so excited! I'm trying really hard to give my girls gifts that they can use after the wedding (even though at least 2 of them will be for the wedding), and I really don't want to give them kitchy dust-collectors. They might all get the same gifts, but at least they'll be versatile.

Now. Only 283 days before the girls get them (I'm giving them out at the rehearsal dinner)

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Genevieve said...

I agree! It is so hard to keep the bridesmaids gifts a secret! You should be proud of yourself! I just bought gifts.