Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cake Bites.

(AKA: The-Most-Delicious-Bite-Sized-Thing-EVAR)

Seriously. I first discovered these little guys over at Bakerella, who is probably the single most influetial person to my waistline (and not in a good way). She makes my sweet tooth the happiest little sucker in my mouth. With St. Patty's coming up, I wanted to make a green dessert, and since I've had my eye on these for a while, I decided to try it out.

Warning: These take a LOT of time - but they are WORTH it. All said and done, I had about 3 hours of active baking time - not including letting the cake bake, the cake cool, or anything. Not including freezing time, it probably took about 4 hours with baking and cooling included.

First, I baked a cake. Bakerella used a red velvet cake, I chose to use a yellow cake. Any cake would taste delicious, it just changes the final taste combination in the bites. I think a lemon cake would be fantastic at some point... I tinted my cake green for St. Patty's Day too...the possibilities are endless!

Once the cake was cool (I mean completely cool), I tossed it into a big bowl...
 And then 'mashed it to pieces!! Since I used such a light colored cake, you can see the golden-brown edges speckled in the cake mix.
Once the cake was a really fine texture, I mixed a can of frosting into it. Yes, an entire can of frosting. I chose cream cheese frosting, but once again, you could use anything. Then, I rolled them into small balls and stuck a toothpick in them. The toothpick made dipping them later much easier.
I put all the balls on some waxed paper, and let them freeze overnight to harden up.
The next day, I dipped all of my cake bites in chocolate.
I chose to do both white chocolate and semi-sweet, which ended up being delicious.
A few chocolate dipping tips:
1. DON'T let the chocolate touch water. It's bad.
2. Make sure the chocolate is really melted and hot. Otherwise, it gets to thick on the bites.
3. Only heat chocolate 30 seconds at a time. Have you ever burnt chocolate? It does not smell nearly as wonderful as the un-charred version.
4. Only melt a few pieces at a time - enough to dip the balls, but not too much. Otherwise, it cools too quickly and you have to reheat.
In the end, they turned out super cute, and super delicious. I prefer the semi-sweet chocolate ones though, because the white chocolate with the yellow cake is too sweet for me. But then again, everyone likes going into a diabetic shock every once in a while, right?

Though, I wasn't without a few FUBAR cake bites. I ran out of chocolate to dip the balls, so I ended up drizzling chocolate a few. They ended up say the least. I, of course, had to eat these sacrificial cake bites. Damn. It was truly difficult :)

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