Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sean's Ring - Part 2

We're still on the hunt for Sean's ring. We're both pretty picky individuals I suppose, so it's no wonder we're hunting down the perfect ring. The past two weekends we've visited a number of jewelry stores, including every single one in Mid Rivers Mall. Did you know there are eight jewelry stores there? Eight. Some of them didn't have anything. We walked in, took one glance, and left. They had all the current styles, but of course nothing Sean liked. Some of those times, we didn't even talk to anyone. Other times we did, and luckily, salesmen are much less pushy about men's rings. We did, however, find two that Sean liked at Mid Rivers.

The first one was at Hannoush Jewelers, but unfortunately I can't find a photo of it online. In any case, Sean didn't like how it was too much brushed metal, though it had an awesome inlay design. Unfortunately, it was a bit too intricate I think. Who'd have thought that could happen?

Next up is a ring from Zales, and the only other ring he liked at the mall. This is actually his favorite ring so far (I think). I wouldn't be surprised if this is the ring I slip on his finger either. Best part? It's also the least expensive. It's super cool looking though, with a mix of brushed metal and shiny metal, but it's all still pretty flush (unlike the Hannoush ring that I can't show you).
(Zales Ring)
Finally, we did a bit of shopping down in CoMo. There's not many jewelry stores around, and most of those are just branches of ones we'd already visited in StP. So we stopped by Buchroeder's after a bit of True/False movie action, and found this one: 

Sean really liked this ring too, though not as much as the one prior. This one comes with a pretty hefty price tag though, because it's made of Palladium. Don't know what that is? Don't worry, I didn't either. It's a metal that's very similar to platinum, so it's very durable. It's naturally white, so it'll never discolor over time either. However, Sean plans to be in a fairly low-impact profession (read: sits in an office all day), so durability has never been a concern. 
And so the search continues. Maybe we'll wait until we get to Location X to find his ring?

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