Sunday, February 6, 2011

Honeymoon Excitement

Generally, one honeymoons right after the wedding. Due to work, law school, and getting married in the middle of the freaking winter, we're (obviously) not following that course of action. Our 'mooning plans have been postponed until August, in order to give us A) time to save and B) a better schedule to work around. Now, plans have just been finalized, and I'm here to reveal our honeymoon destination!!

Where might we be going? Here's a hint:
Oh, and this isn't just any cruise folks. Oh no.

This is a cruise aboard this ship:

That's right. We're going on a Disney cruise. 

Sean and I will be adventuring to the Mediterranean, on a 7-night Disney cruise.

I was very leery about doing a cruise for the honeymoon (and, at first, adamant that we would not do one), but this one is different I feel. We'll be docked by 8 am every morning, so we'll spend a majority of our day at the ports of call. If I do get seasick, it will only be at night (and the ocean will be calmer). Because we'll be flying on Disney Air, if the flight is delayed, the ship waits for us. Plus, it's the only way we'd be able to see all of these places in just one week. 

And it's Disney. Sean proposed in Disney World (the first time). I love Disney. We're planning on buying the Disney vacation plan, so we can go there much more often. 

So where will we be going?
We'll be flying into (and out of) Barcelona, Spain. We're really hoping that we'll have time to explore a bit, but we're not entirely sure. 

Our first stop will be Villefranche, France (not Cannes, like the map says). It's the port for Monoco and Nice. 

Next, we'll head over to La Spezia, Italy, which is home to Pisa and Florence.

Our next stop will be Civitavecchia, Italy, which is port of call for Rome (and, more important to us, Vatican City!!)

Following that, we'll be off to Naples, Italy, with hopes of going to Pompeii.

We'll get a day at sea (our only one!), followed by a stop in Palma, which is a Spanish island. 

The back to Barcelona, where we'll catch our flight home!

The Disney cruise won't be cheap (that's for sure), but we've got the ability to do it. Sean's parents were amazingly generous, and gifted us almost the entire amount (actually, it covers everything except one of our flights to Europe). By saving up and waiting to take our honeymoon in August, it really helps too. It's going to be fantastic and I can't wait!

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Caryn said...

OH my gosh!! I thought WE had an awesome honeymoon (which we did) but yours takes the cake!! I can't wait to see pictures of your adventures!