Friday, February 4, 2011


Tuesday, the KC area got hit with roughly 16" of snow. I know some people don't think that's a lot, but for a bustling city that has to continue to work, it's crippling. As most of you know, I work at a security company. It's means I'm DoD cleared, have great benefits, etc. But it also means that I don't get holidays or snow days, because security is 24/7/365. I left for work Tuesday morning without even a snowflake in the air. I really didn't want to go, because I knew that the snow was aiming for us. But, I've already used one sick day for snow this year, and I'm really trying to save it all for the honeymoon. Also, I'm trying to get that promotion, and I knew it would look really good (and I have an interview for it today!). So I went.

(Did I mention that we were already declared a state of emergency? At that the NatGuard was in KC?)

By noon, there was 4" of snow on the ground, and I knew I wasn't getting home. Colleen and I booked a hotel room across the street (only $10 a piece thanks to my work!). We both had to work in the morning anyway, and it worked out for the best. Work gave us free pizza for dinner and a free meal the next day, and I got a few overtime hours in on top of it. Wednesday, all of the managers rounded up shovels and tow ropes and dug everyone out (while on the clock too - yes!). When I opened my car door, snow literally fell in. We had such high winds that there were snow drifts everywhere. Mostly the snow stopped around my knees, but at some points it was up to my hips - my hips people!

Wal-Mart closed.

I was so glad to get home Wednesday night. Sean cooked, and I spent the night with a long, hot shower, snuggled under blankets, and watching movies.

The city is mostly drivable, but there are still a ton of snow piles, and a few buried cars. There's supposed to be more snow next week sometime, but hopefully that fizzles out. I'm done with snow. Can I move south?

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Genevieve said...

I'm so glad that snow storm actually missed me! Yay! We got 16 inches with waist high drifts earlier this winter though so I feel your pain!