Saturday, February 26, 2011

# 3. Buy a New Mac.

I've officially been a Mac user since the summer before my freshman year of college. For those of you that are counting, that's 5 years ago. Five years, is, in laptop land, practically ancient. My laptop was my primary (as in only) computer all throughout college - I took it to class every single day, and wrote nearly all of my notes in every class on it. That's seven semesters of school, with 5 classes each (approximately - I had a few semesters with 4 classes, but I also took a few summer courses). In any case, that's roughly 240 classes a semester that my baby went to. I designed all of my wedding on the computer - the stationary, the organization, and the correspondence. It was the start of my blog, of my emails, and of my facebook. It held more photos than one can count.

My laptop has had a great life, and it's been very good to me. But it's also had a rough life. I've carried and lugged it everywhere. Throughout school, my laptop was nearly always with me - 12-14 hour days. It's been bent, scratched, and dented. The USB ports are at angles, it's second battery only has about a 45 minute life span, and it's on it's 3rd power cord. all 80 gigs of it are full, and it's made a clicking sound as the fan dies for the last year or so. It's running Tiger OS. Last week, the airport died - meaning my laptop has to be plugged into an ethernet port in order to connect to the internet world. 

And so I took a trip to the Apple store. 

With Sean being in school, we still get the discount for Apple products. There was a really small price difference between the old one and the new one, so we just opted for the newer one. I downgraded to a nice little 13" MacBook Pro, and I absolutely love it. I'm still keeping my old one for now, and slowly moving things from one computer to the other. 

I hate spending such a large amount of money, but I know that we have it available. I just need to tell myself that it's okay to do it sometimes. I love my new lappy though. It's a great birthday gift to myself :)

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