Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Does It Feel...

"How does it feel now that you're Mrs. B?"

I cannot emphasize enough how annoyed I am with this question.

Why is it that all of the sudden that my last name has changed that people seem to think I'm a different person? Just because my last name has shortened by 7 letters doesn't mean that I've changed, or that my interests have changed, or that my personality has changed. There's no difference (except jaws don't drop when I say my last name :p). It frustrates me that everyone seems to think that I'm a completely different person, and therefore, I need to be treated as such.

On another note...what if I hadn't changed my last name? Can you imagine how inconsiderate that would be?

I am Amanda.
Regardless of my last name, I am still the same person.

To anyone who has friends that are going to be getting married soon, do them a favor - quit talking about their last name, and how their last names are affecting who they are.

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Jessica said...

I STILL get, "So, how's married life?" even though we're approaching our 2nd anniversary. It's slowly turning into "SO, are you thinking about having kids?"