Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Car's Back!!

Remember when my car got slaughered on Christmas Eve?

It looked like this:

A little over 3 weeks later, I finally got my car back. I needed pretty much everything in the back of the car replaced, including brake hoses. Incredible. There was almost $7,000 worth of damaged, and they were using used parts for the quarter panel and taillights. Thank god for insurance. It's quite wonderful. 
We were supposed to pick it up this past weekend, though shop was closed (miscommunication on EVERY possible level). It actually ended up working out though, cause our bridal party bought us a huge tv and it wouldn't fit in my car anyway. We borrowed my dad's truck to take it and the rest of our gifts home (much to his dismay lol), and my dad brought my car to me today. Yea, he'll have driven over 7 hours today. I'm really grateful for it. We had to return the rental on Thursday, when my car was finished, and well, Sean and I have to have 2 cars with our schedules (unless Sean wants to be at school at a quarter to six...). 

So we're back to our normal selves, a two car family. It might not be required for everyone, but for us, it is. And I'm so relieved.

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Allan Stec said...

Gosh, that's one nasty wreck, Amanda! No wonder the cost of repair work amounted to several thousand bucks. I'm amazed with your composure amidst all of this, actually. Usually, accidents like that cause tempers to rise, but you seemed calm. Give yourself a tap on your shoulder for that. :)