Tuesday, January 25, 2011


-My manager is making me apply for a promotion at work...but I don't meet the qualifications and I'm not even sure I want the promotion. Yes, it means better pay (it would be the highest paid hourly position in the company). But it also means I can't have 2 days off in a row. I'm going for it though, and need to do a resume tonight.

-Sometimes, I seriously miss living with my girlfriends. Like now. Sean's out with law buddies tonight though, so I'm soaking in my me time. I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I kinda miss the independence of the LDR.

-Speaking of, I'm starting date nights with myself. Probably Bread Co. or B&N dates, but it shall be lovely. Thursday is my first one (then margaritas with Colleen after!)

-I'm starting knitting again. This is my newest project. It's going to be super challenging - I've never used DPNs, circular needles, OR done colorwork. I'm knitting them in purple and gray.

-I really need to work on thank you cards. Like, seriously. I bought some today though!

-I have house fever. We got enough from the wedding for a down payment on a house, and house prices here are super cheap - we could easily afford it. But we really want to go back to StP after Sean's done with school...and don't want to be stuck trying to sell a house.

That's about it. I'm gonna go scrounge up an amazingly unhealthy dinner and work on my resume with a glass of wine...what a terrible life! :p

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