Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homemade Recipe Book

For the longest time, I never really understood why people wanted their own recipe books. I mean, it always seemed to be that the red and white checkered book had every possible recipe, and clearly that's what everyone made. I mean, my grandparents still made all of our food back then, and for some reason I thought that it was inherent that my parents knew the recipes too. I mean, clearly, I was only fifteen with these beliefs, but they seemed pretty sane to me.

And then grandma died. And with my grandma, went the McCormick Coleslaw. I do not like coleslaw myself, but every time my mom cooks, she talks about this slaw. It was a recipe that was never written down. My grandma's heart stopped beating in her sleep, and she never intended to go as early as she did. She had thankfully written down her baked beans recipe (which is the best recipe ever), but the slaw recipe has now been lost forever. 

Because of this, I'm determined to make a recipe book. Mary's, my grandmothers', my mom's, my mother-in-law's, everyone's recipes. I want it to be a catch-all of our families, a blending of the soul food we all love so dearly. I want it to be an open binder though, not a scrapbook - I want it to be a book that can be added to over time. The start of heirlooms you might say. I think it'll be perfect.

Anyway. If anyone has famous family recipes they'd like to share...I'm all for taking them. This is going to be the world's greatest creation ever.

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