Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coming Back.

The last couple of weeks months, my life has been a hectic mess. I've been training at work, I've been unpacking, there's been the holidays, and I've been planning the wedding. Now that most of those are done (we still haven't unpacked fully - whoops!), I'm coming back to the blog, in full swing. I have a ton of 101 in 1001 updates, I'd like to start on the 50 questions to free your mind (maybe), and I really want to work on the 30 day blog challenge that several of my blog-friends (and real friends!) did too. Oh, and create a new blog header - though I'd like to wait for our professional wedding photos for that one.

I also have non-internet related things I'm dying to do. I'm making a cookbook for myself and my sisters-in-law with all of our families' recipes (plus things like measurement conversions and ingredient substitutions), I need to unpack things and clean up the random wedding crafts that are covering the apartment, I need to work on changing my name on everything, and I'd like to start reading again. I haven't read hardly at all since my first year at school, and I really miss it. With my new nook, I'm sure I can pick reading back up again, I just need to get into the flow. 

I took this week as one of decompression. Nothing is unpacked, but my brain is. I'm much calmer, I can tell. It was definitely hard to go back to work after a 4 day weekend, but I found out I'm getting another bonus at the end of this month, and that's always good. I'm going to try to always put my bonuseo;lppppp;k,s in our savings (along with half of our loan money each semester, and half of our wedding money). Hopefully, by the time we're ready to move back to the StP area, we'll have a hefty down payment saved up. I'm loving how everything is finally working out.

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