Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

I've been really hesitate to post this one. Why? Because I think it says something when a woman says that her wedding wasn't her dream wedding.

But I shouldn't worry about that. It wasn't possible to have my dream wedding. My dream wedding would have family and friends that died years ago, friends that I've long since lost a connection with, and divorced exes of family members. It would have had my 3rd cousins, which I couldn't possible afford to invite (it would have easily added 100+ people). It would've had the cost of a January wedding, with a partly cloudy 70 degree sky, and a two hour long sunset for gorgeous shots. It would have had the priest that knew us, but happened to be on a mission trip in Brazil. And the day would have lasted another 24 hours - because it was such a great day.

My wedding was fabulous. It was all that I could have hoped it to be. It wasn't my dream wedding - because a dream wedding is just that - a fantasy that can't be made real. And that is perfectly okay.

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