Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#71. Newlywed Map

I just realized that I never blogged about this totally awesome map Sean and I made. 

It's technically called a Newlywed Map (the idea is to mark all of the places you've been together), but it's basically a travel map. We busted it out after we got back from our honeymoon, because we were excited to add tacks to the other side of the ocean! It was super easy to make though. We basically followed this tutorial, with a few mini changes.

I found a sweet, slightly distressed frame at Hobby Lobby for $8, and got it half off that because the glass was broken (which I didn't need anyway!). It was an awkward lightish darkish brown, so I painted with leftovers from the bathroom. I ordered both the map and map tacks from Mapcenter.com. I couldn't find the right size foam board though, so I bought one of those tri-folds that we used to use for science fair projects and cut the two flaps off. I already had spray adhesive too - other glues don't work because the map will wrinkle!

 (Our pretty European tacks!)

(fun fact: that Atlanta pin? Happened the winter of 2003...yup, we traveled together with our high school band NINE years ago! We're still counting it though)

I love this map. It makes want to travel more, and it's fun to document where we've been together. We even made Sean's dad one for Christmas!! It's classy too, so we have no qualms about it hanging in our living room. :)

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