Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peace Out 2011...and howdy do Twenty Twelve!

Last night we rang in the new year with some great friends. We all had our glasses of champagne, we counted down the seconds...Okay, we missed the ball drop. Why? Because we were using the atomic clock online, and the computer froze. Yaaaa know. But we counted 12 around 8 times, shouted hooray, raised our glasses, kissed our loved ones, and took tons of pictures. The year 2011 brought a lot of changes into our lives - some bad, but mostly good. It was a crazy busy year, and I'll be honest, I'm excited to welcome in 2012. Keep moving forward in the game of life, right? Anyway, here's the obligatory year-in-review post for the blogger world!

-We rang in the new year by...wait for it...GETTING MARRIED!! After 5 1/2 years of being together, we finally tied the knot.
-Sean started his 2nd semester of law school, getting him one step closer to his JD.

-I started being a training assistant at my job, which I loved. I discovered that I really like to teach people things, and it's something I'm going to work towards in my career from now on. In other work news, I turned down a promotion at my job, because I wanted two days off in a row (which amazed me in solidifying the fact that family > money in my book)
-We refinanced my car, which gave us enough spare money to buy me a new a Macbook Pro. Love.
-We got hit with Snomageddon, which dumped 16" of snow on us - effectively snowing me into work (but it was the most snow I'd ever seen)

-I turned 23.
-My sister in law turned 21, and we celebrated with St. Patty's day parade in St. Louis
-We finally got our wedding photos back - and sent our thank yous out to everyone.

-We hosted our first family holiday - Easter for Sean's family. And it was great.
-I joined Pinterest (I was in the Beta)
-I got hired - and had to hand in my first letter of resignation.

-I started at my new job, and I still revel in having most weekends off. (also, PEACE OUT call centers!)
-Sean and I celebrated 6 years of fabulousness together
-My apartment flooded, and my quartet got together once again (all in the same week)
-My little brothers graduated!! hooray!

-We went to our first (and second) post-our-wedding wedding. And it was awesome.

-We finally found a new place to live (which is awesome, because our upstairs neighbors also moved out, and their fleas moved down to our apartment)

-We moved into our newfantasticomg rental house. And we still love it.
-We went to EUROPE on our HONEYMOON. It was absolutely perfectly amazing.
-Sean started his second year of law school! He's still rockin it.
-Sean made it to the quarter century mark - aaaand dropped our car insurance.

-We celebrated Sean's parents 30th wedding anniversary!
-I went on my first business trip - I'm all grown up!

-We went to our THIRD wedding of the year...we are apparently of that age.
-Mizzou celebrated ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF HOMECOMINGS. And it was fabulous.
-The Cardinals won the World Series. It's my kinda year for sports :)

-I moved locations for work, from one side of town to another.
-I felt my first earthquake!
-We went to what was quite possibly the last Border War between Mizzou and ku. And we won.

-We switched Ella to adult food, and she went on a hunger strike for almost a week.
-We decorated for Christmas, and celebrated a pretty good season.

And that folks, wraps up 2011. Here's to 2012!

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