Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Quilt of Many Colors.

One of my favorite possessions is a crocheted quilt. My grandmother gave it to me (her mother had made it) and it's beautiful, ornate, and a little piece of her that I can keep forever. I always dreamed of my grandma giving my first baby a crocheted blanket as well, but as she's no longer around, that's not possible.

Which leads me to ask my readers for a favor. 

Any of you that crochet, knit, or would like to learn - this is for you. I want to make a blanket for the baby - but I want it to be fun and full of life. I'm asking you - if you would - to crochet a 5 x 5 square.

My goal is to get a bunch of squares, crocheted by people who love us, and join them together into a blanket. It will be a blanket of stories, a blanket of love, and a quilt of many colors. I'm asking for you to pick your favorite color - or any color that tickles your fancy - and crochet it with any pattern. It can be difficult or easy, it doesn't matter to me! The ONLY thing I ask is that you border it with a requested color (so it can have SOME uniformity). The border can be thick or thin though.

My inspiration:

So what are the "rules"?

1. The center can be any  color. It can be pink, blue, black, white, gray, yellow, or even the camoflage yarn that changes colors as it goes. 

2. The finished square should be 5" x 5". But it needs to have a border. So many sure your colored area is only 4x4 - 4.5x4.5. Small enough to add a border around. 

3. You can use ANY pattern. If you've never crocheted before, go for a simple one. If you're an avid crochet-er, go for something more advanced. Let's give baby tons of textures! 

4. Please Please Please border your square with this yarn. It's available at Walmart, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. Or online here: Buy it - White 4600 Just make sure it's white!

After you've finished your square, please send it to me! You can email me at for an address, or DM me on twitter @ahealthymama (or if we're Facebook friends, just message me there!). I'd like to have all of the squares by December 1st, so I can join them together before Bee gets here!

And, if you're so inclined, you can always make more than one! 

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