Sunday, September 1, 2013

Living in Limbo and Other Tidbits.

I feel like I’m living in limbo.

We moved this past weekend. Everything. All of our families came out, our friends came out – and together, everything was moved. We’re slowly unpacking our lives, but to be honest, it’s so chaotic around here. Living out of boxes? Not fun. It sucks. But I feel like we have so much stuff, and it’s just not coming together.

We’re “bed sitting” for a friend – she didn’t have room for her king sized bed frame so we’re using it. But it won’t fit in the bed room. The damn thing is so huge we can’t get the four poster footboard (that is all one piece!!) through the doorway. So it’s chilling in our hallway, blocking us. The friend actually built it from scratch, and she’s going to come over next week sometime and “fix” it. Which might include cutting it. I’m not sure – we’ll see what comes up!

One of our showers is unusable due to leaks. Well the other one leaks a little, but I’ve hung shower curtains along the sizes so it works for now. THAT will have to change. We’re hoping to get Nick out to help us demo the leaky shower – I’m pretty confident about tiling and everything, but I don’t want to accidently rip out something we need or come across a drastic leak. Or maybe Sean will just demo the whole thing on his own. 

We won’t have internet until Tuesday. Our friend Kevin is moving in with us and is being awesome and bringing his Time Warner. Or at least until Google Fiber is installed. So. If you're looking for weeks 19 and 20 on the pregnancy update front, look here: (19 Weeks and 20 Weeks)

Oh, and my car is getting a new transmission as we speak. Thankfully I have an awesome lifetime powertrain warranty, which covers it completely. But, until then, we’re sort of a one car family. I’m driving a panel van to and from work (though not every day).

I also need to sign up for that garden planning website. I have no clue about gardening, but our new house came with one! It’s a small plot, but it’ll be enough to (hopefully) grow tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spinach. I had hopes of growing zucs, but apparently that’s a rather large bush! XD Eventually we want to change it into a keyhole garden, but since that will involve buying things like a wheelbarrow and shovels to move dirt…ugh. 

Now that we know what Baby B is, we'll be registering soon! I've been researching like crazy what I want...for all you mamas out there: what was the best thing you got and couldn't live without?!

Adios for now! Pics of the house will come this week - promise!

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