Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ladies and Gents - we have a nursery!

My mom came out this weekend to help us finish putting the nursery together! When she arrived Friday night, we had painted, but not done touch ups, and there was nothing in the room. Now? It's almost complete!

We painted the touch ups on Saturday morning, then moved all the furniture inside (the dressers had been in the garage from their painting spree, and my mom brought the crib we got at the baby shower with her). We put everything together, put baby clothes away in drawers, organized bath and food stuff, etc. I was super bummed that we hadn't gotten our glider yet, and my mom surprised me with one last night!! I'm over the moon. The room is looking fabulous.

The tall dresser: The open space has a chalkboard door that will go on it, and will hold our wet bag/diaper pail for cloth diapers. It also has a scentsy and a dimmer light on top!

The diaper changing area will be on top of the dresser. And our glider

Our lovely crib (and yes, it's a mesh crib bumper)

We still need some art work (I have so many plans!), knobs for the drawers (I'm crushing on these, but they're super expensive), and a rug (I love the gray trellis rugs, but need to find a good deal!). The baby's room is 9 1/2 x 11 1/2, so a 5x7 is too small and a 7x10 is almost too big, ya know? A 6 x 9 is what we need, but it seems to be an expensive size. :\ Oh! I also need to finish the curtains and we need new blinds as ours are broken. Just the little things left it seems!

We're hoping the nursery can last for several kids with as gender neutral as it is. We'll only have to buy a new crib each time, since the convertible cribs with stay with the kids as they grow. I'm loving it all!

It makes me super calm knowing that it's all set up. There's no more rush, we'll buy the carseat on Black Friday with our gift cards from the shower, and all will be taken care of.