Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He or She? What Will it Bee?!

Our AWESOME cake from Wedding Wonderland Cakes

We've kept little Bee's sex a secret for 10 weeks now. We opted to for one important reason: we wanted gender neutral things at the baby shower. We know we want to have more than one kiddo, and we'd love to be able to reuse as much as possible if they're different sexes. (also: see sex vs gender) The anatomy scan was pretty obvious what we were having - but it was so hard to keep it a secret!!!

Thankfully, most of our friends and family were supportive. Annoyed, but supportive. ;)

In any case, we did the big reveal at my baby shower this past weekend. My mom and mother in law did a FABULOUS job and ran with the Bee theme - which couldn't have been easy in November! We got a small cake from my bakery that did our wedding cake, Wedding Wonderland. We also served cupcakes and a cookie cake - so many desserts! This was all in addition to chips, crackers, sandwiches, chicken poppers, lil smokies, and meatballs. We had several games, as well as a baby pool set up (which, I might expand because there's a baby pool website that everyone can enter too!). It was pretty much fantastic.
The delicious spread

Tables, all decorated

Diaper cakes at each table!

Little onesies hanging!

Plus, with gift cards, we've gotten everything we need (except for a rocker and a diaper bag). But Christmas is still coming, so those will definitely be on my list of items! We can afford them, but I'd really like to hold off. After all, I have plenty of bags that can be used as a diaper bag for the first few weeks.

So. What are we having? Wait for it....



Caryn said...

Congratulations!! I love having a girl first! They are such great helpers when the next ones come along! I wish we lived closer because I'd totally give you a bunch of our girl stuff!

Ryanne said...

Congratulations! I love your reveal!!