Thursday, September 3, 2009

Classes - The Final Countdown

This is my last semester at Mizzou. Obviously, class is probably going to occupy most of my posts for the next few months, but we'll see. I'm in 13 credit hours - 16 if you count the independent study course that I was SUPPOSED to do over the summer, but didn't touch. I have to finish it though, or I don't graduate. Nothing like waiting until the last minute I suppose. I find that I do better if I don't think about the numbers that symbolize my classes. I mean, I'm in 3 4000 level classes. 4000! Yes, I'm a senior, and they're senior level classes. But, I only had to take ONE to graduate, and yet I decided to tack on 2 more, because they looked interesting. But so far, I'm pretty sure it'll all be fine. Here's a look at what I've got going on:

Business Law: This is my last lecture class. Ever. There are 500 students enrolled, and we pack the auditorium in Cornell (the business school). It's required for my business minor, but I'm not complaining. It's like, 4 tests and a couple of quizzes. Defintiely going to be my easy class of the semester, which is scary seeing as the word "law" is in it and it's only taught by lawyers. Maybe the fact that I've worked at a law firm for the past 2 1/2 years is helping that. :)

Political Communication: This is one of the 4000 level classes. The first day the Prof walked in, he was wearing a polo with holes, gym shorts, and flip-flops. And was drinking a Red Bull. As I've come to find out, he's incredibly intelligent - just not professional. I'm enjoying the class, though I'm not sure if that's because it's politics based (which I've come to enjoy while at school) or because the professor isn't more than 23, but it's a good class. And our first assignment? A 1 page paper on 3rd Parties. This one's gonna be hard *rolls eyes*

Media Theory and Research: I'm not really sure why this one is called this, because it's really all about persuasion. We're talking a lot about ads, both in the commercial world and the political world. I'm taking this class for the teacher though, entirely. I HATE theory, and I HATE research, but I LOVE Morawitz. It is a pretty interesting class though, I have to admit. And I've got some friends in there. Unfortuantely, I'm also going to have like, 3 15 page papers. Ugh.

Capstone: Okay, I GUESS I consider this a class. It's taught by Porter, who's the head of the Communication school. He's hilarious and goes off on so many tangents. Our subject this semester is Media Literacy. It's interesting, especially since Porter is making up this course as he goes along...We may or may not get anything done. I have several friends in here, including Julie and Andrew, so the class is great. We took a test called StrengthsQuest, and it's SO cool. I highly suggest it to anyone - you can take it at their website, for about $15. It nailed my strengths on the head, even though I never really considered them strengths - I just thought they were normal I guess.

Marching Mizzou: Yes, this is a class. I'm one of the captains on the guard this year, so it's going to be a lot of time. As captains, we write routine, we teach routine, and lately we've been staying late to tutor routine - not to mention disciple for the guard and taking care of uniforms and flags. It's a lot of work and time, but it's so worth it! I think the biggest difference this year is that there's so much pressure for us to be perfect every time, because we stress being perfect in the routine to the girls so much. We DON'T want to be hypocrites, unlike captains in years before. I can't wait for the first game Saturday.

I was contemplating joining Tau Beta Sigma this semester, which is the band service sorority. They deal with uniforms, plumes, and some food, and set up and break down for concerts and such, as well as other random service projects like Girl Scout day. I'd LOVE to join, but I feel like I'm just too busy. With the wedding and LPE especially. Besides, it's my last semester. I think I'd feel bad having a "mom" (older member who's like a mentor) spend a lot of money on me, and then not be able to give back and be a mom myself. Instead, I'll focus on LPE.

LPE is Lambda Pi Eta. It's the Communication Honors society. It looks phenomenal on a resume, but we also do a lot of volunteer stuff. It's also a great connection to other people - I love it. I designed the shirts last year, but I'm hoping to get more involved this semester. We'll see what goes on I suppose.

I also have work this semester. Typing all of this out makes me feel like I have SO much, but I love it. I'm only working like 12 hours a week, but I make enough to at least pay my rent and food. With my extra loan money, I have the car payments covered. It's a pretty good deal. I'm still working at the law firm. We're trying to automate everything, but you can't automate phone calls very well so that's what I do most of the time. I do mail for my department too - quality controlling outgoing mail and entering incoming mail into the system. I've gotten to be fairly good friends with the folks in my department, and I'm not really looking forward to having to leave them. I like my job. I never thought I'd say that about an office job, but i REALLY like it. Crazy!

That's the ridiculously long run-down of my semester thus far. It's great and I'm so excited for it.

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