Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shrinking Campus

Isn't it amazing how huge I used to think campus was? The trek from Gillett to say, EBW was almost worth getting my car, and was definitely worth skipping class.

Now, I feel like campus is nothing. Maybe it's because I don't start out in the dorms, or because I've learned to walk faster, or even that I've lost the fear of being a second late to class...but campus seems so small nowadays. It's no wonder it felt big - our main campus is over 2 square miles. But over the years I've learned short cuts and time savers, as well as how long it takes me to get from one spot to the next. I have no problem crossing between red and white campus - I'm often found on both throughout the day. I almost feel like I'm ready for something bigger - which is a good thing, since I'm graduating in December.

Sean and I have no idea where we'll be going. But, I've decided I like the thrill of not knowing. I want to be able to live entirely on my own, in my own world for a while. I'd like to prove that we can do it, without help, unlike so many others we know.

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