Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So the weekend isn't technically over yet. But the most important stuff is. I've had a great weekend, although not exactly "relaxing". Who needs to relax anyways?

Saturday was the first football game of the season. It was AMAZING. The spread was 7 points, with the Illini winning. Instead, Mizzou steamrolled them. Our team has actually been called the most underrated team this season, already. The game was fantastic. No one really knew what was going to happen, because we lost so many players after last year. But our new 1st string really stepped up. The was fantastic too. Our guard really did well - I think it's the best we've ever done. I'm not sure if it will work or not, but here's our first movement - In the Stone, by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was a GREAT performance - I'm really proud of all the girls. Of course, this just sets the bar high :)

After the game, Mom, Michelle (my godmother), Shanon (my sister), Sean and I all went to Max and Erma's - I was starving. We had a good meal, complete with cookies. Once we got home, I got an awesome surprise. Mom and Dad had bought me a new tv!! I'm now the proud owner of a 19" HD LCD tv. I'm super excited about that one - we've been living off a tiny TV in the living room.

It's been a pretty good weekend. Sean and I are heading back home to CoMo this afternoon, and he's going to come back to StP tomorrow morning, since he doesn't have class until noon. I've realized that I really don't "live here" anymore. I can't wait to find out where Sean is going to school, and make a life there. I guess I just want a place to be mine/ours, and I can't really do that when I'm living with friends. I love living with my girls, but I'm just anxious for the future.

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