Thursday, October 15, 2009


Centerpieces are a project I'm really excited about, yet dreading at the same time. I have so many ideas, and I really don't want to end up with a clusterfuck of, well, centerpiece. 

In centerpiece land, there are always two obvious routes: the flower route and the candle route. Other, less traditional routes, include pine-cones, fruit, ornaments, and even fish. They can be stand alone pieces or arranged into bowls. I've seen little mini cakes on every table for dessert and everything else in between in my wedding planning experience. Unfortunately, the common sense part of me always wonders two things: how much will they cost, and what will I do with the damn things when I'm done?!

The second part is almost more important to me...I just have flashbacks of people trying to find homes for their centerpieces after a wedding, only to, at a last resort and not wanting to waste them, decorate their house with them. Ugh. I have no desire to have my wedding plastered all over my house after the big day (one of the reasons I'm so against fake flowers - they last forever!), except for maybe in the sense of a framed photo and a few albums. MAYBE a shadow box. 

I've always wanted candles. Always. I grew up with allergies, and while flowers are pretty and I always like flowers in small quantities, I do not want 32+ tables with flower centerpieces on them. Not to mention the cost, seeing as my wedding is in January. I think candles lead to the perfect, romantic atmosphere, and make everything seem warm and cozy. If I could, THIS would be in the center of every one of my tables. 

However, my bank account says this is not possible. Also, I'm pretty sure the city fire marshall would have a heart attack. 

So then I decided I'd love something more like this:

Except, without the cranberry wreath. I'd rather have it on a black plate/bowl, with ivory candles, and green river rocks. I'm trying to avoid an overly Christmasy feel with the whole thing. I love this style - it's simple and elegant, and not gawdy. And let's face it, candles are pretty easy to give away. And they do *go* away eventually. 

Then. We found a reception hall. I fell in LOVE with Trigg. The dance floor is huge and nice, it has an opening hall, I would be the only reception there, and there's a little overhang for parking if the weather is particularly nasty. With one giant drawback: No open flame. 

Seriously? No candles? What am I gonna do?!? Actually, correction. I can have open flame if I use their centerpieces. However, THEIR centerpieces are hurricane vases inside of fishbowls. Hurricane vases just scream '90s to me - I'm very against them. I think they're hideous. I toyed with the idea of just doing those nice, flameless candles, like this:

Except those candles are like, $5 a PIECE. For at LEAST 32 tables. *cue me stomping around*

Anyways. I have a good idea of what I want to do now, but I don't have a picture to use as an example to show you. I know, that was SERIOUSLY anti-climatic. But you'll have to wait.  

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