Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mizzou vs. OSU

This weekend was the away game for Marching Mizzou. Every year we take one away trip, and usually it's just a drive up, perform/watch the game, and drive back. But THIS year, we got to stay two nights. We were all really excited for the down time.

After a 7 hour drive to get to Tulsa (we didn't actually stay in Stillwater, where OSU is), we got to our hotel around 12:30 in the morning. All of us were exhausted. Some of the band went out and partied, but us old seniors kinda crashed. We're rapidly reaching the end of our college band careers, and I'm ready lol.

The game was cold. Freaking cold. We were teased by the nice 60 degree weather during the day, walking around in t-shirts and shorts (and laughing at the Oklahomians who were in coats and hats). However, by the time the game started, the sun had set and the temperatures had dropped. We could see our breath by the end of the game. And unfortunately, our new, nifty, LONG-SLEEVED uniforms don't come in until THIS week. We perform in sleeveless uniforms too, unfortunately. The girls (+Kayden) were NOT happy with us.

We actually held our own in the first half. OSU is ranked #16, and we're not ranked at all, so we were quite surprised. At the half, we were tied, 17-17. And then we Romeo-d. Hardcore. We rolled over, and died. Two turnovers and countless interceptions later, the game mercilessly ended at 33-17. And we lost. *sigh* Lost #2 for the Tigers. We're now 4-2. And we'll undoubtedly be killed this weekend when we take on the #3 team in the nation, the Texas Longhorns. It's our homecoming too, which will really suck.

However, I haven't uploaded my pictures from the game, and since I'm at school, I can't really upload them now. I will later though!! :)

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