Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Like I said, this was the week of wedding planning. Not only did we (pretty much) decide on a bakery, we also picked out a florist. We've been to a couple of different ones, but we weren't exactly thrilled with any of them, other than one.

We went to both Walter Knoll (whom we made an appointment with on whim) and Mexico Road Florist (whom Moni went with). The first was great with customer service, but it just didn't seem to be what we wanted (though, a car did go through their wall a few days before). Though I must say, they've sent us coupons and done follow up calls since, and are incredibly nice. The second seemed to get what we wanted, but they kept trying to persuade us to use one flower everywhere. While we're under a budget, this is one area that Sean's parents are paying for - and Sean's mom is all about the flowers. (As far as I understand) his parents have essentially set aside a set amount of money for us, which is to cover flowers and the rehearsal dinner, and anything left over we get for a honeymoon fund. We were at a loss. My mom wasn't being any help (she was upset that we went to Walter Knoll in the first place, apparently she doesn't like them, and then refused to talk to us about anything), so we asked Sean's family. Mama and Katie (my future sister-in-law) both suggested The Flower Stop.

The Flower Stop is located across from St. Joe's (Sean's family's church), and Mama, Katie, Lyndsey (one of my 'maids), and I went in last Tuesday. The place was awesome. They're a small shop, and they helped us so much. We talked about the visions I had, that I wanted to use as much seasonal flora as possible, and the amount of flowers I wanted. I'm still a little concerned about the size my bouquet might end up to be, but I can always call and address that later. We put a deposit down, but we can change our order at any time. I had a really hard time figuring out colors, seeing as my 'maids are in a dark green. I didn't want red, because let's face it, it's going to be Christmasy enough without the help of flowers. So we decided on an all-white bouquet for me, and pink and white bouquets for my 'maids.

At first I thought the flowers sounded ridiculously expensive, but after talking to my aunts, it seems like it's about right. I mean, we are getting married in January, which isn't exactly flower friendly as far as costs go. Mama insisted that we get "full-service," which means that the florists will pin all the bouts on the guys and everything. We're ordering a lot of flowers too...1 bridal bouquet, 6 'maids bouquets, 1 jr 'maid, 1 groom's bout, 6 groomsmen's bouts, 2 dads, 2 moms, 2 grandpas, 4 grandmothers, 2 ushers, and then another corsage for my godmother. Whew! 

So here's a look at our flower combinations:
My Bouquet:

The Stargazer/Oriental lily (I think the different is that the Oriental is a lighter pink) is my favorite flower. They're huge though, so it'll definitely be the star of my bouquet

White lisianthus, gardenia, and stephanotis flowers round out my bouquet
My 'maids:

The 'maids will have a lily, with pink lisianthus and stephanotis flowers, though Shanon won't have a lily (it would make her bouquet way too big for her.

The guys:

Sean and the Dads will have stephanotis bouts, each with a white rose (though I might call and switch this to lisianthius). The groomsmen's bouts will look exactly like the pic, while the ushers will only have 2 stephanotis flowers instead of 3.

The grandmothers and my godmother will all have gardenia corsages, and the moms will have lisianthius ones. The grandfathers will have the same bouts as the ushers (which works out well, because our brothers will be ushers).

I had no clue about anything to do with flowers until I started planning this wedding, and now I'm acting like a pro at this! The flowers have definitely been the most stressful part of the wedding thus far though, that's for sure.

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