Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas and a Bum Ankle

I started to write a Texas Bowl post, but I gave up. Sorry folks. What do you need to know about it?

I sprained my ankle on December 27th, which severely limited my bowl adventures. My girls helped me gimp around on crutches (it was so frustrating to not even be able to carry my own plate!) for three days, which was a lifesaver. I got a wheelchair in order to see a bit of town (which unfortunately, only consisted of the Aquarium). We spent 34 hours on a bus, and 32 in Houston. We lost miserably, but c'est la vie. It was the meanest football game I have ever been to, as evidenced here (the issue has been resolved, it truly was a misunderstanding).

All of us at the Aquarium!
(notice the sweet wheels)

However, the Guard performed AMAZINGLY. They were excellent (despite the fact it was only like 50 degrees and they were in sleeveless uniforms). They couldn't hear me, but I was hollering and clapping in the stands - I'm so proud of all of those girls (and guy). I can't possibly explain how awesome it was to sit in the stands and watch the show - the hard work, sweat, and tears that we put into this show - it was, for lack of any other term, magical. Normally I'm on the field with them, and while I can see the show, it's not the same. It was just, spectacular. Goose bump worthy.

We celebrated the New Year on the bus! It was about as classy as you can get with plastic champagne flutes, $4 champagne, and dollar store party headbands. :)

Celebrating the New Year on the bus!

It was my last bowl trip, and hopefully one of my last long trips on a bus in a long time. I've definitely gotten older, and it's rough on me - in every way. For anyone who's never ridden long distance on a bus before, here's a rough idea of how it goes:
      Coach buses fit somewhere around 50 people, give or take a few seats depending on the set-up of the seats. When the buses arrive at 6:00 pm, there's a mad dash for the bus, because everyone knows that first come, first serve. Generally, seniority ranks when it comes to seating - everyone wants their own seat. A few movies will be watched (usually bawdy, hilarious ones). Our bus settled down around 2:00 am, and movies went off and people began the awkward sleep. Of those that share seats, one usually moves to the floor in order to gain a few more inches of room. You sleep scrunched up in the seat, a pillow barely masking the uncomfort of either armrest or the window, depending on which way you choose to face, and a blanket keeping you warm from the unusual cold of the bus. You'll fall asleep for an hour or two, before someone inevitably needs to use the tiny bathroom on the bus (and hopefully, not #2). In order to do this, they'll have to climb on the seats (so they don't step on those sleeping on the floor), shaking the seat just enough that you awake, and then of course you'll need to find a new, more comfortable spot. Because you're driving through the night, you won't stop for the entire drive...until you reach the hotel around 10:00 am. And then comes the mad scramble off the bus - longing for a bed. The life of a band kid.

Anyways, enough bus talk. Want to see pictures of my ankle?!
(be forewarned, this could be slightly graphic, depending on your tolerance levels)

On the 27th, right after I sprained my ankle. You can see the bruise starting on the left, and the swelling on the right! I couldn't put any weight on my foot at all, but luckily Katie (my future sister-in-law), saved the day and brought me crutches.

On the 1st. My foot is super swollen, and you can see the bruises moving up my leg (on the left) and in my toes (on the right). You can't see very well, but my entire left foot is a slightly green, bruised color. I can finally put a little weight on my foot, though I still need crutches for distances.

Today (January 7th). The bruises are wicked sweet now. My foot isn't very swollen anymore (just a little poofy by my ankle), but the colors are much more vivid. On the plus side, my bruise isn't all over my foot anymore...just in my toes, on my ankle, and at the bottom of my calf. I borrowed a boot from Emily, so I can pretty much ditch the crutches, but the ankle is still sore.

Christmas break was definitely eventful for me, to say the least. Band is officially over, and hopefully my ankle heals soon. *fingers crossed*

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