Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clang Clang Clang goes the trolley...

Transportation. Sean and I have had many many a...discussion (okay, we even had a fight at one point) about this topic. It probably should not have been such a big issue, but it was. We both had our own opinions on the subject, and it we both knew that our budget was going to be drastically affected by our decision - a lot of money was involved.

So what was the argument about?

Sean, from the get-go, was adamant that our wedding party needed a limo. According to him, a limo ride is a basic privilege that every party member should have - they should be together, all the time.

I, on the other hand, had a different perspective. There have been too many times where I've seen someone's significant other (and I've even been this person) get told they cannot ride in the limo. For weddings where the SO doesn't know anyone...they're kind of left in the dark. It sucks. Limos are expensive, and on top of it, we'd have to find a way to get the wedding party home from the reception afterward.

We presented our arguments, and we compromised. We would have a limo IF all of our wedding party could bring guests onto it..which left us with this (and only this) option:

And Sean hates hummers. Sean had presented the argument that it was winter, and if one of us got stranded, he wanted all of us stranded (how loving!). Plus, it would make some awesome pictures with all of us together.

And then we found the idea of a trolley. It's much cheaper than a limo, fits up to 35 people, and it has so much character! It's not something you see at  Meet Holly the Trolley, courtesy of Tour St. Louis:

She's enclosed, heated, and every bit of charm that I love. I'm excited. We still haven't figured out the transportation from the hall at the end of the night, but I have a feeling it will involve much carpooling. Plus, food and beverages are welcome, so we're able to bring much needed snacks, drinks, and maybe even a green shot or two...(you know, to warm us up)

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