Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Weeks

No, this is not a quitting post. It is, yet again, a wedding post. Grin and bear it folks.

Two weeks.

I feel like this is all I'm ever told, any time I ask a question.

When should I schedule my hair trial? Two weeks before.
When should I pick out table linens? Two weeks before.
When should we discuss meal options? Two weeks before.
When should I have my final payment in? Two weeks before.

Two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks. I starting to hate this phrase. Why? Let's go over the reasons.

A. I'm a type A personality. If I could, I would have everything set in stone now. I'd have meal options (though not numbers, obviously), hair styles, table cloths, everything. Why? Because what if I need to buy or find something extra? As a DIY bride, I can't just whip something up in two weeks.

B. I live 400 miles away and I have a full time job. I can't just "pop in after work" - visiting you means 8 hours of transportation, a full tank of gas, and a wasted weekend.

C. Two weeks from my wedding is Christmas.  I don't get extra holiday time (one of the cons of working in the security business I suppose). In fact, the only reason I have Christmas off is because it's on a freaking Saturday. Otherwise, I'd be working it too. I'm sure you want to spend time with your families as well. Two weeks ain't gonna fly.

Why can't I just tell them to eff their two week policy? Because vendors act like I'm inconveniencing them. Didn't you just hear my list of reasons as to why I need this done before two weeks?  Didn't you just agree with my list of reasons? Then WHY are you giving me grief?! Sooo much money is going into this gala - I want to know that you know how it's to be spent!

The worst is my church. My priest literally told me he doesn't need to know about the ceremony until the rehearsal dinner. As in, approximately 18 hours before the wedding.

/facepalm. Wedding industry of St. Charles County - you are stressing me out.

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