Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just some stuff...

It's been awhile, cause we've been so ridiculously busy. We've been trying to unpack, we've had tons of law school events, we got a kitten, and Sean's starting to study for midterms.

We really like our new place. It seems kinda shady on the outside, but the people that we live around are so nice. We've met a couple of our neighbors, and while we won't be playing dinner party any time soon (or ever), we trust them completely.

Sean and I went to two law school events this past weekend - a poker tournament and a party thrown by his professor. The poker tourney was a lot of fun (I learned how to play blackjack from real dealers), and Sean stayed in for quite a few rounds. It was a fundraiser, so he wasn't playing for money. We did win a raffle though - four tickets to the Royals' game on Thursday! They're box seats and come with a parking pass, so I'm pretty excited. Yay for doing things around town!! The dinner party at the prof's house was awesome too. Law school is broken into sections, and each year in each section has about 50 people. We got to mingle with the law students and their significant others, and enjoy appetizers and drinks made by the professor's awesome wife (and the cider was amazing). The professor is apparently a pretty handy guy - he does woodwork on the side. He showed us a room that he had just done wood cabinetry (as in, 3 of the walls), crown molding, and flooring on himself (including all the detail work - it was fantastic), as well as some grandfather clocks he had made. Holy cow awesome. It was great to meet some people too, and I found it especially cool that most of the law students are actually older - many already have other masters and MBAs. There's one guy who's father owns an Okinawan karate school here, and I might join - he knows my old Sensei and some of the students from my school, so I know it's a legit school (unlike other, "buy-a-belt" karate schools). It was great to meet people.

We also got a kitten!! We adopted Ella, a little black kitten who's 4 1/2 months old from Wayside Waifs here in KC. It's a GREAT no-kill shelter, and if anyone is looking for animals in the KC area, I highly recommend them. We were able to play with any cat or kitten we wanted to, and there were even some that free-roamed. It was such an awesome experience. I can't say much for the dog side, since I didn't want to tempt Sean, but the cat side and the people who worked there were awesome. They even gave us a list of vets with free first visits! Ella's all up to date on most of her shots, but she'll need one more booster at her vet appointment on Saturday (she wasn't old enough). I'll have to post a picture later though, because Miss Ella has already managed to chew through my computer's power cord. We're still working on the training thing ;) We've gotten her chew toys though (she's teething), and things are much better.

Now, off to unpack a bit more (and nurse a mild migraine I've had all day. blah.)

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