Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving on Up!

I got a promotion. After 2 weeks of being out of training...I'm back in training again. But I'm excited!

I've been working in the land of outbound. Meaning, if someone breaks into your house, I'm the one who calls you (and the police) about it. It's okay, and it's certainly interesting, but it's killing me doing the same thing - for eight hours straight. I need some variety in my life! So Monday, there was a table to sign up to make the jump to inbound - and on a whim, I signed up. I figured I wouldn't start until October or so, even if I did make it. Tuesday, I had a meeting with the head 1st shift manager (who happens to be a Mizzou fan -  joy!), and I got it! I'll be in training for the next 5 weeks now, and then I'll go back to my regularly scheduled shift. I'll get a pay raise of some sort, but I won't know until Friday how much - but anything is worth it. I started yesterday, and I think I'm really going to like it.

My company is strange, but neat. They only hire from within (which is awesome). Everyone HAS to work outbound and inbound - even the executive director of my branch has worked outbound. I really like the bottom-up method, because it just makes so much sense from a management point of view. How do you manage something you've never done, and have no idea about any of the specifics? It's also a very self-led organization. They don't give someone a raise - you apply for a raise. If you don't have the guts to ask to go hire, you'll stay in outbound (there are people who have been in outbound for 3 years).

I'm looking forward to moving up. It makes me feel like my degree was at least a tiny bit worth it.

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