Monday, September 13, 2010


We're moving again this weekend.

What? Didn't we just move?

Yup...we've only been in this apartment 2 months.

We knew from the beginning that we weren't going to be here long. We're subleasing from old high school friends, as their dad has cancer and they wanted to move back in to help out/be around them more (insert prayers for the Skinner family here - they're needed). The lease ends on September 27th, and frankly, we're really not fans of this place. The people that manage it are snooty (as in, they almost didn't rent to us because we aren't married - what is this, 1945?), the place is expensive, and it's really far away and inconvenient from Sean's school.

We're excited to move though.

Our new's different. It's about the same size, but it's a basement apartment so it's much darker (though, cheaper utilities!). It's in the city, so it doesn't feel as safe - but we know a few of Sean's classmates live there, so it can't be that bad. There's still a pool and work-out center. It's about 8 minutes away from Sean's school - which makes it 30 minutes from my work, but my work is all highway driving (unlike Sean's commute to school now, thanks to construction). The city thing is going to be a change for us for sure, especially me. I'm not used to living in a non-collegiate atmosphere. Even though there are a ton of universities around, it's still not primarily students. It's also not the middle-class suburbia we're used to. It's a very big change, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not exactly sure what to expect.

And so now, it's packing time. Sean has a sinus infection, and, being a boy, this means that he's pretty much useless. I know it's probably mean to say, and he probably does feel like crap. But still. I hate doing all of this by myself.

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Lynsie said...

Good luck on the move. Hope this is one you can stay for the duration of Sean's law school adventure. And as far as safety goes, take along a gun. I feel safe living by myself with my loaded .38 on my nightstand.