Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Questions. Baby Answers.

A blogger friend of mine recently had a baby, and she did some pretty awesome blog posts. So I'm shamelessly copying the format. The first? A baby FAQ post. :D

Due date?
January 12, 2014

How far along are you?
I am exactly 8 weeks and 1 day today (June 3, 2013)

When did you find out?
May 8th. We stopped taking BC in March, and we were in the not-trying-not-preventing stage. We weren't tracking days or anything, but things just happened. Strangely enough - it was our 8th anniversary of being together :)

How did you tell Sean?
He asked about it on Sunday (May 5th). I knew I was a week late, but was planning on surprising him. Well, I was getting ready, and said, "When you find out you're pregnant, are you going to surprise me or kind of let me in on the details?" Shocked that he knew my schedule that well, my only response was, "Well, since you apparently already know, I'm gonna take a test on Wednesday." And that was that. I wanted to make it extra cheesy, and wait until our anniversary.

Was it planned?
Yes. Like I said before, we weren't trying, but we weren't preventing. And we were kind of hoping for sooner rather than later ;)

How did you tell family and friends? 
We told people in different ways...there were two inventive ones though.
My 3 besties from college: Every Mother's Day, we send each other "Happy Not-A-Mother's Day" texts. After I received one, this was my response:

The family: We went home for Sean and his sister Katie's graduation parties. We pulled Katie aside before the party to tell her (to make sure she was okay with it!) and she jumped up and down and literally into my arms (like, feet off the ground wrapped around me). For the rest of the family, we waited until present time. Before Sean started opening his presents, this is what I said: "So, how would everyone feel about Christmas in Kansas City? *questioning looks* Because I'm due January 12th"
Screams ensued.
With FB we just used a cute little photo:

Will you find out the sex?
Yup. But we're not telling right away. We want to do a gender reveal at the baby shower.

What sex would you rather? 
Honestly, we don't care. There are awesome pros (and cons) about each - so we don't really mind which we have, as long as it's healthy.

Do you have names picked out? 
Yes. But again, we're not telling yet.

How are you feeling? 
In a word, not the hottest. That pregnancy glow thing? It's a lie. I constantly feel like I've ridden too many roller coasters. I've yet to get sick, but I've come close a couple of times. I drive most of the time now, because Sean driving makes me sick. My face is breaking out like I'm 13. I have heartburn almost constantly. I'm either burning up alive or freezing to death. My boobs have already grown a cup size, and they're definitely tender. Oh, and my skin is super sensitive - Sean can barely touch me and I freak.

But. I'm so incredibly happy that it really doesn't matter (most of the time). And so far I haven't hit the extreme nausea that seems to be so common, so I'm grateful for that too.

Cravings: Wine. ohmygod I want wine (and I smelled tequila on Friday and my mouth literally watered). Also, salty things. I feel like nothing has flavor right now, so anything that has strong flavors (peanut butter, fries, strong cheese) is definitely a go for me.

Aversions: Lots of different meats. Any chicken that isn't fried. Lunch meat (which is good, because I'm not supposed to eat it). Anything super spicy too, because I know the heartburn is coming later.

Weight gain?
I'm counting my weight gain as of the day I found out. Which means that so far, in the 3 weeks, I'm up 2 lbs. However, I'm also super bloated, so hopefully that will even out a little.

How are you decorating the nursery?
Actually. We kind of have to buy a house first. Guess this kicks our butts in gear!!


Caryn said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THE FACT THAT YOU'RE PREGNANT!! You guys will be awesome parents.

Lyndsey Nielsen said...

You know, Sean's driving has been making me sick for years ... just sayin'. Love you both!

Amanda said...

Lyndsey - I totally agree. But now it's worse!