Monday, July 22, 2013

14 Weeks.

Yup, this was supposed to be posted LAST week. I'm still catching up!

How far along: 14 weeks.

Size of Baby: A lemon.

Weight Gain: +6 pounds. I really hate that I'm gaining a lot of weight so early (my OB recommended 15-20 lbs TOTAL, but that's totally not in the cards for me)

Symptoms: My legs are tired all the time. I've been wearing support socks for work, which helps a TON. I thought they'd be uncomfortable, but they rock. Also, my belly is starting to harden and round out, which is weird to me. 

Exercise: The amount of walking I did on the beach this week was crazy! Exercise? Check!

Clothes: I wore a maternity swimsuit on the beach - it was needed. If only for the coverage up top. Also, continuing on in the maternity section. 

Cravings/Aversions: The fruit cravings are back, for sure. And I'm loving some garlic bread, but I'm not sure if that's pregnancy related ;)

Movement: Nope. 

Worries: Honestly, I've been pretty worry free this week! With our little vacation, it was a great way to let go and relax. My current worry is my lack of exercise, which is something I should be able to fix pretty easily this coming week!

Boy/Girl: Again, no idea. I'm getting more and more anxious for the gender scan, which is still over a month away! 

Milestones: Baby can frown and squint, and is starting to grow eyebrows!

Best moment of the week: Beach. There's no comparison to the calm that I feel there. Love it!

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