Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Trimester Wrap Up!

I'm successfully out of my first trimester. So let's do a bit of a wrap up to bring it all together.

First of all, this trimester has been a doozy. I was sick for most of it, though never actually sick enough to whine about being sick. I was exhausted, and being in the busiest time of the year at work really didn't help. There have been days that I've come home and slept until dinner. I can feel my body changing, and it's odd. I notice different smells with some smelling awful (like hot coffee!). I'm trying so hard to get into routines, so it's easier for me to keep doing them.

I've been deep in the "we could do this" and "we could do this" and overall excited planning mode. Sean, on the other hand, is deep in bar studying. I hate that he's missing out on the little stuff about the pregnancy, but on the other hand, he probably wouldn't be interested anyway. He's been helpful with the planning of the nursery and baby stuff (Amazon wish lists are a life saver right now!). We've gotten colors picked out, as well as things like a stroller, crib, and pack n play (which will be the baby's bassinet while s/he's in our room). If anyone has any items that couldn't live without - let me know!

All throughout this week I've been struggling with my pre-pregnancy clothes. Specifically, pants. I think next week will officially mark a transition into full on maternity pants. Luckily, Sean's mom was able to find a bunch on clearance, so I'm pretty set!

In addition to my weekly photo, I've also been taking weekly photos of a piece of fruit or other item that's the size of the baby. This one is mostly fruit, but I'm going to try and work in other items for this coming trimester! I love this, because it's a concrete way to see how big this child really is. It's crazy to me!

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