Monday, July 8, 2013

Boy or Girl? Ye Old Wives' Tales Say..

There's several old wives' tales to predict gender. This article popped up on my Yahoo news feed today, and it sparked me to try it out! We won't know the gender until August 23rd (and we won't tell until much later), but I think it'll be super fun to try it!!

1. Chinese Gender Test
This test. For me? BOY.

2. The Carrying Wives' Tale
Legend has it that if you're carrying high, it's a girl. For me? It says GIRL.

3. The Beauty Wives' Tale
Girls steal their mothers' beauty, causing acne. For me? It says GIRL.

4. The Ring Test
This test is based off how a ring moves. For me? BOY.

5. The Heart Rate Test
Girls have a higher heart rate than boys. For me? It says GIRL.

6. The Cravings Wives' Tale
Girls make mom's crave sweets, while boys cause salty cravings. For me? Neither. I don't really have many cravings, to be honest.

7. The Husband Wives' Tale
If your husband gains weight, it suggests a girl. Sean's studying for the bar, so I would say this is skewed. In any case, he's only gained about 10 lbs. I'm calling it neutral.

8. The Morning Sickness Wives' Tale
If you suffer morning sickness, your more likely to be having a girl. For me? I didn't have much sickness, so it's neutral for me.

9. The Key Test
If you pick it up by the round end, boy. Sharp end, girl. I pick keys up by the round end, and always have. For me? BOY.

Overall, we're tied 3 ways. 3 for boy, 3 for girl, and 3 neutrals. Guess we have no idea what we're having!!!

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