Thursday, May 6, 2010

Avenue Q

This past weekend, Sean and I went down to the Fabulous Fox to see Avenue Q with a great group of people. We had a blast - it was so hilarious, and so...real for us right now. Plus, the Fox is probably one of my favorite places to be in St. Louis. Why? Because it's gorgeous.

 (The front of the Fox, from the outside)
(The main entrance)
(The stage)
I find the Fox to be particularly interesting, just because of the variety of the shows. Everything plays at the Fox. There are Broadway Musicals (like Wicked), comedies (Avenue Q, and Young Frankenstein is later this year), shows such as Stomp, and concerts for rock bands, rappers, etc (Charlie Wilson). It's a gorgeous with an Indian flare - most of the decorations were brought directly from India. It also has a twin in Detroit - I think it's crazy that something so beautiful was made twice (actually, there are 5 Fox Theatres, but only the St. Louis and Detroit ones are similar).

We managed to score row J tickets (our friend Casey's parents are part of the friends and family program, so they get advanced tickets) for the show. I didn't know much about Avenue Q before we bought tickets - I had apparently been living under a rock. 

It's a bunch of puppets, Sesame Street style (and some of the puppeteers were actually Sesame Street puppeteers). Instead of singing about letters and sharing, they sing and address real-world, adult issues - things like making a life after college, low self-esteem, homosexuality, racism, sexuality in general, and even love. It really hit home for me. It's about creating a new life after college, once you jump head first into the real world. It's about how your expectations of life change, and how what you want isn't always possible - but sometimes it is. And of course, the superintendent is...Gary Coleman.

This is probably my favorite song of the show (though it's TERRIBLE video quality)

I'm definitely finding out that I am changing, and that, while I thought I knew who I was...that's exactly the point. It's who I was. I've changed so much in the last 5 months - my priorities have changed, my dreams, what I like to do, what I think about people. Everyone told me I would change after I graduated, whether I wanted to or not. I didn't realize how much I would. I know that I'm going to change so much in the next 5 years - I'm so excited to though. I'm ready to keep pushing forward, even if life is more confusing than it was before. 

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