Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bridesmaids - they have dresses!

I finally wrangled all my bridesmaids to go dress shopping. I have six girls, and they're all spread out (three in CoMo, two in StL, and one in ChiTown), so getting them together was not a possibility. However, one of my girls is moving to Savannah this week, and another is in Indianapolis with a DCI internship for the summer - dresses needed to get done. And I'm so thankful they are.

Originally, I had told all my girls they could pick any dress they wanted in Holly Green, from David's Bridal. My only original term was that if one girl wanted a short dress, at least two needed a short dress. Well, then we started thinking. I'm getting married in January. While I love the idea of short dresses (even with black tights!), it wasn't logical. I didn't want my girls to regret short dresses either. So, in the end, they all have long dresses from David's Bridal.

There are only 8 long dresses to choose from in my color at DB, which kind of sucks. But in the end, it actually worked out really well - two girls are in one dress, two girls are in another dress, and two girls are in similar dresses, though not identical. I like it. I think it'll look fabulous. The girls were all able to pick dresses that work great with their body type, and they could have considered price too (though I don't think they did) All the dresses are primarily satin, though 3 of them have chiffon accents, so they all jive well together too. Shanon will be in a completely different dress, but she's the junior bridesmaid so it doesn't really matter - she only has 3 choices, and she made it a long time ago - as in, November.

And now, without further ado...

*Note: these are not my bridesmaids. Clearly, I do not have twins, and who the eff poses like that?
(From left, the dresses will belong to Rachel [my Maid of Honor!), Lyndsey, Jayme, Allie, Moni, Christine, and Shanon (my Jr. Bridesmaid and baby sister)

The girls have until August 1st to buy dresses, so they'll all have guaranteed addresses at that time. With most of us graduating/recently graduated, our addresses have been a bit wonky lately (heck - I don't even know my address come July!). David's Bridal was great for us, just because they're everywhere. The average cost of the dresses was $130, though they range from $99 to $155. I'm really excited to see all of them together!


Amberdawn said...

Very pretty :)

Genevieve said...

I pose like that all of the time :P J/K. The combination of dresses will look great together! 3 of my bridesmaids bought their david's bridal dresses used on ebay for a fraction of the cost. It worked out great... just thought I would share.

Amanda said...

All of my girls know they can use any means to get their long as they have it! They'll all pretty internet savvy so I won't doubt that they might look into this :)

lenielsen said...

That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip!