Monday, May 31, 2010

A weekend in KC - and finding a place to live!

This weekend we went galavanting off to Kansas City to find a place to live. We plan on moving there July 1st, which is only a month away! Since I had the long weekend off from my jobs, we were both able to go as well.

Sean and I had a lot of criteria for the place we were looking for, which made the search both easier and harder. This is probably going to be our last place before we buy a house (yikes! How crazy is that?!), so we wanted to be comfortable - we'd like to stay here 2-3 years, or more. While laundry in building was okay, we preferred laundry in unit (at least hook-ups). We needed a bedroom that would fit our queen size bed, and a living room that would house both our couch, entertainment center, and a desk for Sean (or a second bedroom). Because we're not students, we needed either a cheaper place (so we could afford gym memberships), or one that offered a work-out room. The kitchen was way high on our priority lists too. We knew that a new place meant lower utilities as well.

We researched a lot of places out in KC before we left on Saturday. I managed to schedule 7 apartment viewings in the 30 short hours we were there. We saw most of them. One place ditched us on Sunday, which is sad cause that's the place I wanted to see the most. They were all on the Plaza, which is like KC's downtown area. While they all had a great location, there were two central problems: there weren't any grocery stores anywhere close, and these places were small. I had no idea how small 500 sq feet was. It's tiny!! Especially for two people. We quickly discovered that we were okay being a little farther out, if we got a nicer, larger place. We also found out that, while not that expensive, the average cost of a place in KC was around $600-800 - a LOT more than it costs to live in CoMo. Sad day.

On Saturday, we found ourselves in a game of frisbee with our friend Kevin, and Zack. I know Zack's little siblings Mallory and Ethan, but I didn't even know Zack existed (apparently there's a 3rd brother as well too). Zack mentioned that Mallory and Ethan were looking for a subleaser (their dad has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and they were looking to move home), but that they were really far north. We said we'd come look at it, but mostly just to visit. These are old South kids! We love them! Well, of course we fell in love with the place. It's about 20 minutes north of the Plaza, but it's huge. Like, 1100 sq feet huge. It's new, gorgeous, and has a pool and fitness center. Plus, they cover cable in the rent, and there's laundry in unit. Awesome! It's a little more expensive than we wanted to spend, but when we crunched numbers and realized that we'd be spending more in the "little stuff" in other places, we decided to go ahead with this place.

We're excited. We have a place (that's gorgeous). It's a two bedroom, but since we're subleasing, we'll only be there for 3 months. Then, we can choose to stay there (if we get decent jobs) or move to a one bedroom. And, we're helping out friends. It's really nice to be able to give them a break - it's tough to find a subleaser. We're less than half a mile from a grocery store, a Target, a Kohl's, and a Michaels - and they're the ones that we'd be driving to even if we lived on the Plaza.

Here's where we'll be moving: Carrington Park.

Oh! And there's SO much to do in KC. There's great people, and really, I just can't wait to move there. It'll be a fabulous change of pace, and there's so much there. Most of all, Sean and I will be there together :)

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