Thursday, May 6, 2010


We have one.

Wednesday I drove into StP so we could meet with Jen, the photographer of Adler Photography (St. Louis Style). Way back when, we had our engagement pictures taken by the founder of Adler, Kelly Adler. Well, little Miss Kelly has since gotten married, moved to San Diego, and started her own little family (complete with honeymoon baby). We were definitely disappointed that Kelly moved (I had gone to high school with her) and wouldn't be able to take our pictures.

But then Moni got married. Moni had booked with Kelly several months before (actually, before Kelly knew she was moving). Jen was the primary shooter at Moni's wedding, with Kelly being backup. I loved Jen's shots. She's a great photographer. I couldn't be happier with our decision to go with her. Plus, she has a fairly minimal package that allows us full copyrights to all the photos, which means we can print whatever we want (and make photo albums on Blurb for the parents!).

Price is definitely scary in the world of photography though. It's ridiculously expensive, and we have one of the relatively inexpensive photographers in the StL area. Yet, it's still 1/6 of our budget. Yikes.

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Jessica said...

We used Kelly back when she had first started dating her hubby and she was amazing and she's so sweet. I cant imagine she would use someone as her primary shooter her wasn't talented. Can't wait to see!