Monday, July 26, 2010

Do me a favor...

And humor me while I talk about favors.

Ah favors. They're the neverending debate in the wedding world. To some, they're pointless wastes of money. To others, they're cliche. To me, they're a requirement.

Yes, I could skip them and save major bucks (a few dollars really adds up when multiplied by 200!). I could donate a couple hundred bucks to a charity and ignore the favor situation. But I love the idea of favors. I take home multiple favors from every wedding, especially if they're edible. I scrutinize favors. I think it's a creative element that can be anything, regardless of the feel of the wedding.

A few of the favor ideas I'm digging for my wedding? 
Exhibit A: The hot chocolate in a jar

Simple and classy I think, but fun. People could take them home, or use them at a hot chocolate bar at the wedding, which I would also LOVE to have.  The downside? I'd have to buy each one of those lovely little jars. At 99 cents a piece. Which doesn't sound too terribly bad, but when you consider I also need to buy hot chocolate (it's actually cheaper to buy premixed than to mix your own - who knew?!), cups, and any sort of mixings if I choose to go the bar route.

Said "bar" would have marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, peppermints, cinnamon, etc. Maybe some sprinkles and m&ms? We could easily get plain styrofoam cups from Costco, and spice them up with some jumbo cupcake wrappers. Right? It seems like a wonderful, warm twist on a candy buffet. Going with the classy winter theme, I'd like to not have snowflakes everywhere...

 But I also love the idea of a cookie buffet.

I know my bakin' maids would be all for this, but I'm thinking that 3-4 cookies per person for 200 people...dear Lord that's 600-800 cookies! Maybe I can convince my lovely MoH (that's maid of honor folks) to pull this one together for the bridal shower? There are very few times that I wish I had a smaller wedding, and this is definitely it.

I like the idea of people being able to customize their own goodies, and pick and choose what they like. Maybe it's because I'm a picky person myself (hello, why else would I choose to do all my DIY stuff while I live at least an hour and a half from my nearest maid?).

In any case, the favor situation needs to be sorted out now. I can't shop without coupons lately, and these lovely jars from Michaels tend to be a hot topic. I'd probably end up arming myself with these coupons and hitting in the area. I could always scrap the jars all together and just to a hot chocolate bar sans cute-at-every-place-setting-containers.

What do you think? Jars or no?

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