Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sean has a schedule!

Sean officially has a schedule at the law school!

He's enrolled in 15 hours for his first semester. It sucks, but it's what he was placed in, so there's no arguing it. Apparently the law school decides not only what you're taking, but when you're taking it too. Coupled with my 3:30 pm - midnight shifts (oh yes, I'm full time second-shift at my new job, at least for the first 3 months), we probably won't see each other at all on Tuesday or Thursday (as he has an 8:30 am and a 2:05 pm class, damn!). But, as we finally live in the same city, we will be seeing each other more than we have for the past 5 years, so I really can't argue too much. And he's on his way to becoming a lawyer!

He'll be taking Intro to Law, Torts, Criminal Law 1, Property 1, and Contracts 1. The first three are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Property and Contracts are on Tuesday/Thursday.

There's a better chance of me seeing him (other than super early in the morning) once we move though. Which, btw, we signed a contract for it today! We love the people at the new place, unlike the people here. It much more laid back, and a lot less redtape. We'll have a bottom floor apartment (which is partially underground, so lower utilities), with washer/dryer hookups, though we'll have to purchase/rent those on our own. It beats going to a laudromat or having coin laundry though! We're also an end apartment building at the back of the complex, which means there won't be a lot of traffic either. We can move in any time after September 1st, though we do have our current place until September 27th (after a bit of arguing with the complex - I won though). It'll be much less stressful :)

Life is coming together, slowly but surely. I'm employed, Sean's in school, and we're getting a place we found ourselves that's perfect for us. I am in love with life right now.

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lenielsen said...

You will find that second shift is a love-hate relationship. Love: You can sleep until God-knows-when every day. Hate: You can say goodbye to any nighttime social activities that aren't ridiculously late. It's not so bad though!