Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Long Distance to Living Together

When Sean and I moved to KC, we took a plunge. A big plunge. We went from being long distance - living over an hour apart and only seeing each other on weekends - to living together and being around each other 24/7. People keep asking me what it's like living together, and if we're loving it, so I thought I'd post about it.

Being able to see Sean whenever I want is awesome. We've been dating for 5 years though - we know each other's ins and outs. I know that he's bad at laundry and putting dishes away, and I wasn't really expecting him to do it here. I know that he loves video games, so it doesn't surprise me that as I'm writing this, he's playing Lego Harry Potter. He knows that I have a tendency to leave my shoes everywhere, and clean up after him in the kitchen (and occasionally put away things he's still using - oops). We haven't lived together before, but we've been around each other enough that we know what annoys us and how to handle it, and it's made the transition to moving in so much easier.

That being said, it still feels a bit like playing house.

First, I'm not working yet and Sean's not in school yet - we're literally around each other 24/7. We haven't established any routine because we don't need one - there's nothing that "has to be done today". However, I start work on the 4th (oh by the way - got a job! I'll post more on that later as I'm waiting for my starting meeting next week), and I can't wait to get into an actual routine. Also, because I'm not working, we're not doing much. Yes we have a few friends out here, but we can't afford to do most things (like the Platte County Fair - sigh), so we're homebodies right now.

Second, we know we're moving in 6-8 weeks. Our lease is only until the end of September. The place we're looking at renting only does leases on the first of the month, so we'll probably end up moving the entire month of September (slowly, piece by piece). We've reached a point where we're not hanging curtains or pictures, because we know they're just going to be taken down. It's a bummer, but we know it will make moving easier.

Finally, we've talked about and imagined living together so much, that it's kind of strange to be actually doing it. I've lived in an apartment with friends for 3 years, and it still kind of feels like he's "staying over". I'm having a hard time transitioning from someone who visits my apartment to someone who shares our apartment. It's weird. Not gonna lie. MaybeHopefully once we're in a more permanent place this will change.

All of that being said, I need to go run some errands. I need to get a present for Heather's wedding on Saturday, hair dye, and a bit of crafting materials. I need to make a tray or something for all of the gaming stuff to easier land on/into, and some coasters for our new tables. In other words, I need a few bathroom tiles, and some sort of tray to decorate. I was thinking about making a flat tray, but now I'm leaning towards a shallow box kind of tray so that it actually catches things...thoughts?

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