Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tan Lines

Can you believe that I have to worry about this? I'm getting married in January, when most of the population doesn't have any sort of tan whatsoever. My skin, however, is "special".

For those of you that don't know, I tan very easily. I mean, veeerrrryyyy easily. I can get a solid tan in a mere 2 hours. I've always been darker than most of my friends, but it's just the way I tan (can you believe I'm the palest out of my siblings too??). Examples:

(Going out with friends)
(in the Mizzou locker room)
(tan line after ONE football game - our uniforms had a weird back)

See what I mean? The Nike swoosh picture was taken after being outside for THREE hours. I had it for over a year. Once I get a tan line, that baby stays.

For most people, there's the simple solution of sunblock. Except I'm allergic to it. I get little red bumps all over my skin when I use it - all kinds. My siblings are too. As unhealthy and cancerous as it sounds, the best way for us to not burn is to maintain a tan, which isn't hard. I don't go tanning (well, I haven't since high school), because I'm able to maintain a healthy tan just by being outside regularly.

I don't want tan lines at my wedding, with my strapless dress. It sounds frivolous and conceited, but it's January for heaven's sake! And I'll have them if I'm not careful. I'm trying to limit my sun exposure, or if I do lay out, do it without the straps of my swimsuit. At least then my tan lines will be under my dress, right?

Oh the things you worry about when you're getting married...

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Erin said...

I had the same worry last year. I did get married in summer, but it was a battle to keep the lines away. I invested in a few strapless tops and dresses and that's all I wore during the summer, and before that, I just tried to avaid the sun! Anytime I was in a bathing suit, I had to make sure I was wearing 1 specific suit so I could untie the neck straps and the rest would stay us so I could go to the beach and not worry. Hang in there! I had no lines for my wedding and was so glad!