Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're a moving on up!

The vehicles are unpacked. The families are gone. Our furniture is put together. The lease is signed. We've moved!

It's been a crazy, hectic weekend, but I'm so glad it is over. We picked up the u-haul at 3 pm on Friday, and loaded it and my mom's van with all of Sean's stuff that night. Sean needed to be in KC by noon on Saturday, which meant that he wasn't going to be able to help load in CoMo. He drove down to CoMo Friday night, and finished the drive Saturday morning to get to his law school welcome picnic on time. Saturday, we loaded up and headed down to CoMo. Papa and Pat (Sean's brother) were in his Pathfinder with the u-haul, my dad and brother drove the (empty) truck, and Mama and I were in my car. My sister was sick, so mom took her to the doctor and just met us in KC. We barely fit (nearly) everything in CoMo - Sean and I will need to go back for my folded screen (plus we need to return some syrup and Allie's wd remote that accidentally came with us). We all met up in KC at about 1 pm, and were unloaded by 2:00 (my family is phenomenal at moving). After lunch at Applebee's, we went back to the apartment and began putting together furniture (all of it was still in boxes) and unpacking.

Mama and Papa had to get the u-haul back to StL by 3 pm today, so they left early this morning. They needed to stop by my place in CoMo and get Sean's bed and a few other items as well. My parents stayed for a while - we took my brother on a tour of UMKC (I can't believe he'll be in college this time next year!) and my mom bought us a Costco membership and groceries. She spent like $200 on us, and we still have a good $100 trip ahead of us. We were able to get cereal and bread and such, but most things are still cheaper at the regular grocery store.

We forgot the wireless router in StL too, so Sean and I are sharing a computer for a bit - it's just easier.

I'll definitely write more and post pictures of our new place later. Right now, I still have a ton of unpacking to do (though the moms helped soooo much with that!). Ciao!

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